Tasks Wordcloud

[ analysis-recipe ]

Create a word cloud using the text of the tasks you completed last year.


  1. capture completed tasks every day. ex: iDoneThis
  2. export your csv of idonethis data from the year
  3. have a working python/pip install


cd ~/Code
virtualenv word-cloud
cd word-cloud
source bin/activate
pip install wordcloud
mv ~/Downloads/export.csv 2017-idonethis.csv
pip install csvkit

bin/wordcloud_cli.py --help

cat 2017-idonethis.csv| csvcut -c body | bin/wordcloud_cli.py --width 600 --height 600 --margin 10 > 2017.png

Updated At: 2024-06-15 14:54 +0000 (042ed29)

🛠 by Tom Hummel