Peloton Output Cheatsheet

Quickly see the relationship between time, average wattage, and total kilojoules. Peloton computes joules using: 100 watts x 1 second = 100 joules (reference).

iOS Location

Set up a geofence around your common locations (home, work) and automatically get enter and exit events written to a google sheet. Allows you to passively build a report of where you spend your time.


Track the movies I watch and associated metadata.

SQLite / IFTTT Date Formatting

Convert January 01, 2018 at 01:50PM to 2018-01-01T13:50

Sparse Streaks

Find Streaks in Daily Data with Sparse/Missing Days

Face Time-lapse

Make a time-lapse video out of daily pictures of your face.

Body Temperature

Take your temperature every morning. Own the data.

Github Stars

Gather data on which Github repos you starred.

Tasks Wordcloud

Create a word cloud using the text of the tasks you completed last year.


I bought a home trimmer on 2012-11-21. Of course, the next logical question is “how much money does this save me?” To answer this question I turned to my data. I searched all transactions for “Supercuts” (it turns out I’ve been amazingly loyal over the past three years). That gave me a list of 29 haircuts with dates and prices. I saved the transactions as csv and loaded them into a spreadsheet.

🛠 by Tom Hummel