Peloton Output Cheatsheet

Quickly see the relationship between time, average wattage, and total kilojoules. Peloton computes joules using: 100 watts x 1 second = 100 joules (reference).

iOS Location

Set up a geofence around your common locations (home, work) and automatically get enter and exit events written to a google sheet. Allows you to passively build a report of where you spend your time.


Track the movies I watch and associated metadata.

SQLite / IFTTT Date Formatting

Convert January 01, 2018 at 01:50PM to 2018-01-01T13:50

Sparse Streaks

Find Streaks in Daily Data with Sparse/Missing Days

Face Time-lapse

Make a time-lapse video out of daily pictures of your face.

Github Stars

Gather data on which Github repos you starred.

Tasks Wordcloud

Create a word cloud using the text of the tasks you completed last year.

🛠 by Tom Hummel